Aluminum Vacuum Metallized Paper

Property of Metallized Paper: Grammge: 68sm~73gms Usage: beer label, food package,cigaretter underlayer paper Production Capacity: 500tons per month

Products Details

The Silver Aluminum Vacuum Metallized Paper is an environment friendly material which widely used for beer label,chocolate package and cigarette underlayer paper etc.


1 High gloss strong metallic look, not be oxidized& blackiness. 2 Surface is free from unmetallized spote,scratches,dents,pinholes,bubbles. 3 Suitable for offset printing,rotogravure printing and flexible printing 4 Easy to stick or remove from bottles. 5 High water absorbency. 6 With excellent adhesion ability with ink, the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges. 7 Sufficently tight so that it does not get telescoped,no wrinkles creases,ripples present. 8 Free from bagginess,no uplifted edge,unflush winding. 9 Packing roll is unwound without blocking. 10 The material used are tasteless and innocuous , meeting food grand. we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of vacuum metalizing label paper. All our metallized label paper are alkaline resisitance and moisture resistance. Our vacuum metallized papers, which gives the label a metallic looking. Their major charancteristics are: ink receptivity, label ability, ink retention, wash-off time. It is widely used in labeling bottles basically in beer industry.* Excellent printing and processing properties * High bottle throughput * High speed labeling * Fast-drying ink * Correct register * Excellent lay-flat properties * Excellent ink retention in caustic soda * High moisture resistance * Precise cut and die cutting * Fast wash-off times * Consistent quality * Grammae: 68gsm, 71gsm,73gsm * Metalizing Aluminum: 3gsm * Roll Width: from 240mm to 1600mm The paper is environment friendly and allow easy recycliHTB160wuXRr0gK0jSZFnq6zRRXXa6

Product Description

Vacuum metallized paper is a kind of environmental-friendly packaging material Silver plain metallized paper(gift wrapping paper) WS Silver Plain metallised paper - Linen embossed HTB160wuXRr0gK0jSZFnq6zRRXXa6

Product Characteristic

1)High gloss, strong metallic look ,perfect Metallized   Of surface and excellent aluminum adhesion 2) With excellent adhesion ability with ink,the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges 3) Suitable for offset printing, gravure Printing and flexible printing 4) Excellent properties when use for labels 5) High water absorbency 6) High resistance to alkali 7) Easy to stick or remove from bottles

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 Standard export wooden pallet or any other package suitable for sea shipment and land transport. HTB160wuXRr0gK0jSZFnq6zRRXXa6

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