Rainbow and Holographic Gift Wrapping Paper

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Rainbow and Holographic Gift Wrapping Paper (52 ft., 3 rolls) · Narrow and long gift wrap rolls: Includes 3 birthday-themed gift wrap rolls with themes of metallic deep pink, metallic blue, and metallic Navy blue.Shiny and reflective surfaces give these gift wrap wraps an upscale feel.· Wide application: besides gift packaging, it can also be used for handicraft, wall, bulletin board decoration, greeting card decoration, scrapbook and book cover. · Unbreakable: more difficult to tear than plain wrapping paper. · Affordable 3-piece package: Make sure you have a shiny wrapping paper!This 3-roll package offers a combination of 52-foot wrapping paper at an affordable price.
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· Size: about 50.8 x 43.18 cm;These rolls are narrower than standard gift wrap rolls. Use these rainbow-colored gift wrap rolls to provide a quality touch that makes your gift even more special.The shiny reflective surface is eye-catching and of top quality.These gift wrap are perfect for Valentine's Day or Christmas gifts or as "just because" gifts for loved ones.Gift wrapping paper over 52 feet must be choosed ,you will got perfect choose!

Product Description

Transfer metallized paper is a kind of environmental-friendly packaging material that compound with aluminum layer and base paper. fdhj (1)

Process of Transfer metallized paper/paperboard

1.Coated PET film ; 2: embossing holographic design ; 4.Then metalizing 3-7gsm layer on the PET film. 5. Use special gelatin compound with laser metalized film and base paper. 6. Transfer metalized layer on the base paper and peel the PET film.

Product Characteristic

a. Unique strong metallic looking, highly glossy and smooth surface; b. Very good vertical and parallel tensile strength, excellent folding endurance and smooth surface  (our products meet the requirements of various types of packaging machinery with outstanding finished effect) c. Very low permeability and excellent anti-mildew (our products can keep the aroma of the packaged goods and retain longer quality) d. Suitable for various types of printing processes, such as, silk-screen printing, offset printing, flexor, gravure, UV printing, embossed (giving an excellent result after embossed) e. Our product can be widely used in all sorts of packaging, like cigarette packaging (e.g. Under  layer paper), alcohol trademarks,  food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift wrap, etc.

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