RG 16microns PET Transparent Dichroic Rainbow Waterproof Film For Christmas Eve Apple Packing Flower Wrapping Paper

 Material:pet, PET Type:Stretch Film Usage:Packaging Film, Wrapping & Packaing Feature:Moisture Proof Hardness:SOFT Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion Transparency:transparent Place of Origin:China Color:Purple, Red Product Name:Pet Red Dichroic Magical Film Reflective Plastic Iridescent Film Product name:Glass-looking Rainbow Film Dichroic Iridescent Film Pet Thickness:16micron Width:1030mm Application:Christmas Apple Wrapping Film Length:customized Name:PET Film For Packing

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Iridescent Rainbow Dichroic Film

Rainbow film is also called dichroic film, iridescent film, magic film and so on. It is totally different from our commonly used colored plastic films. It creates changing, shimmering colors by means of an optical core with over 100 to 300 layers of polymers (Each layer only has a few hundred nanometers thickness). Rainbow film is a stretchable material. The earliest of the product development and production are by the U.S. companies. During the late 1980s,Taiwan had introduced the product technology and began to promote in the mainland. In years of 2005, rainbow film products are starting to produce in China domestic. It is a multilayer film, It makes full use of optical interference, under the light, refraction and interference between layers caused multi-angle layer color change between layers. like the rainbow effect in the sky. The rich light effects of the iris film substrate itself have completely different illusion effects when viewing it in different distance and angles
Dichroic Iridescent  PVC/TPU Film
Material PET
Thickness 16micron
Width 1030mm
Length 3000m,(customized)
Heat Deflection Temperature @66 133 psi
Light Transmission 82%
Rockwell Hardness 82"R"Scale
Tensile Modulus 372,000 psi

Application of dichroic iridescent film

 It is suitable for :Chrsitmas wrapping, flower packing,candy twist wrapping,glitter powder.  1,Christmas apple wrapping film. 2.christmas decoration   3.Christmas tree ornaments